Novel: CATCH US IF YOU CAN, Sample Question With Answer.

Write about a character you sympathize/ admire with. Give reasons for your choice.

From the novel “Catch Us If You Can” written by Catherine MacPhail, the character I sympathize/ admire with is Rory. There are many reasons why I choose him.

                The first reason I choose Rory because he was a loving grandson. Ever since his grandfather had not been well, Rory took care of almost everything. He would also buy food for Granda during his school lunch break. To Rory, Granda was everything and he loved his grandfather very much because after his mother died, Granda was the only person who brought him up.

                Another reason is because Rory was a brave boy. First, when he knew that his grandfather would not last long at Rachnadar, the resting home, he planned an escape for both of them. He ran away from the orphanage in Castle Street and saved his grandfather from Rachnadar. This shows that Rory is brave and cared very much of his grandfather.

                In addition, Rory is also a high risk taker because he ran with an old and sick grandfather. His plan almost cost him and his grandfather’s life at one point, his grandfather collapsed and fainted while they were escaping from a house of Norma. He received the news from Nicola, Norma’s daughter that her mother had gone to the police station to report their where about. Therefore, Rory and Granda ran away again. He planned to take his grandfather to Liverpool with and intention to reunite with his lost father.

                In conclusion, there are a few reasons why I sympathize/ admire with Rory. To name a few, Rory was a loving grandson, Rory was a brave boy and Rory is also a high risk taker because he ran with an old and sick grandfather.


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