SPM Model Essay Paper 2: Continuous Writing

SPM Model Essay Paper 2: Continuous Writing 

Topic: Social Issues (reasons/ factors)

1. Indiscipline teenagers
2. Smoking
3. Snatch theft
4. Bullying students
5. Play Truant
6. Vandalism
7. Loafing
8. Illegal motor racing
9. Drug addiction

Sample essay: Smoking
(you can replace the underline words with the other topic of social issues like bulliying students, vandalism and many more)

   We cannot deny that smoking among teenagers is one of the serious problems in our country. Smoking cases among teenagers are always reported in mass media such as newspaper and television. Those involved in smoking are teenagers aged between 13 to 18 years old.
   According to the research by the Ministry of Education, there are many reasons for teenagers are involving in smoking. One of the main reasons for teenagers involve in smoking is the negative attitude of the teenagers. The modern teenagers do not listen to advice given by the elders about the negative effects of smoking. They mix with a wrong company and start smoking. Sometimes they involve in this problem to release tension.

   Another reason for teenagers involve in smoking is family problems. Nowadays most of the parents are bust working to earn money. They go to work in the morning and come back home at night. So they do not have time to take care and monitor their children. As the result their children have more freedom to do whatever they like such as smoking and loafing. Some teenagers become smoking because frustrated and no parental love at home after their parents are divorced or separated.

   Apart from that, many teenagers involve in smoking because of the influence of mass media. Nowadays television shows many programs from western countries such as movies from USA and Britain. These movies contain a lot sex, violence, smoking and other negative elements. So the teenagers become smoking after they are easily influenced by western movies with negative influence.
   Next, teenagers involve in smoking because of the school. The students involve in smoking because the teachers do not monitor the students. The school has a lot of discipline problems and the students are easily influenced by their peers to involve in smoking. The school does not organize a talk or seminar on the danger effects of smoking.
  In conclusion, the problem of smoking among teenagers should be eradicated immediately. Everyone should play their parts to overcome this problems as the teenagers are the leaders of the future. We should make our country a peaceful place to live in. Let together say “No to smoking.”

Novel: CATCH US IF YOU CAN, Sample Question With Answer.

Write about a character you sympathize/ admire with. Give reasons for your choice.

From the novel “Catch Us If You Can” written by Catherine MacPhail, the character I sympathize/ admire with is Rory. There are many reasons why I choose him.

                The first reason I choose Rory because he was a loving grandson. Ever since his grandfather had not been well, Rory took care of almost everything. He would also buy food for Granda during his school lunch break. To Rory, Granda was everything and he loved his grandfather very much because after his mother died, Granda was the only person who brought him up.

                Another reason is because Rory was a brave boy. First, when he knew that his grandfather would not last long at Rachnadar, the resting home, he planned an escape for both of them. He ran away from the orphanage in Castle Street and saved his grandfather from Rachnadar. This shows that Rory is brave and cared very much of his grandfather.

                In addition, Rory is also a high risk taker because he ran with an old and sick grandfather. His plan almost cost him and his grandfather’s life at one point, his grandfather collapsed and fainted while they were escaping from a house of Norma. He received the news from Nicola, Norma’s daughter that her mother had gone to the police station to report their where about. Therefore, Rory and Granda ran away again. He planned to take his grandfather to Liverpool with and intention to reunite with his lost father.

                In conclusion, there are a few reasons why I sympathize/ admire with Rory. To name a few, Rory was a loving grandson, Rory was a brave boy and Rory is also a high risk taker because he ran with an old and sick grandfather.

SPM Model Essay: Descirptive Essay


   Friends are people whom we turn to when our spirits need a lift. They are always by our side through thick and thin. They stand beside us even when our disposition is not perfectly right and will fight for us if we are oppressed. Therefore, it is clear that friends play a vital role in shaping who we are today. But what qualities exactly do we need to look for in a friend?

   A friend should always be caring towards you. He or she should take interest in your problems no matter how big or petty your problem may be. A friend should be able to sit beside you and encourage you to keep your chin up even when everyone else is against you. A friend's empathy and lovingness will also replenish your worn-out soul and will make you realize how important a friend really is.

   Apart from that, a friend should be an honest person. An honest friend will dissipate any worries that he or she is lying towards you. A friend's honesty will enable you to trust his or she's opinion when it comes to telling you the truth about yourself. For example, an honest friend will see it with a blind eye. Therefore, an overall improvement in yourself will be noticeable if you have an honest friend.
   Moreover, a friend should be generous both emotionally and knowledge wise. A friend who is generous ought to be  able to connect with you and provide emotional support. He or she should also be generous when it comes to sharing knowledge. A true friend must be ever-ready to help you when you are inept in certain subjects. A friend can easily guide you towards understanding the subject matter better he or she is often on the same page as you. The only difference is that you cannot quite grasp the content per se.

   Besides that, a friend muat also be able to humour you. Humour plays a quite essential role in making your day mor lively and enjoyable. Friends who pull your leg and mess about will definitely make life seem so much better. As they say, laughter is the best medicine and a little levity on rainy days is always welcomed.

   In conclusion, friends are people we spend most of our time with. Thus, we have to be selective when it comes to choosing our friends.

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